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Turf installation and laying in the North Brisbane Area. We are fully qualified and insured for your peace of mind.

Varieites Of Turf Include:

  • Winter Green Couch
  • Zoysia Matrella (ShadeTuff ™)
  • Sir Walter
  • Palmetto
  • Zoysia sp.

These varieties are chosen because of their ability to handle humidity and low rainfall levels in south east Queensland, especially Brisbane. Our expert turf laying team can help you decide on the best lawn for your location and conditions. We also recommend these lawn species of turf because they also have a high tolerance to disease and pests.

Site Preparation

The existing lawn is removed and the site levels are adjusted to ensure  correct drainage. Once the levels are adjusted the premium turf underlay is installed at an approximate depth of 40mm. (7m3 per 100m2) If additional underlay is required this will be discussed prior to the turf laying process. Once the lawn has been installed we roll the grass to ensure all of the roots form contact with the premium underlay.

Maintenance Guide

We suggest a complete Maintenance program that will involve the client watering the newly laid lawn for several weeks after installation. It is recommended to have a back up visit from us a month after your turf has been laid in your Brisbane north home to fertilise the lawn & do a grass health check.

Turf Laying

$From 1800Per Metre 2

Nundah Lawn & Garden Turf Laying Specialists

Best time of the year to lay turf:

Late winter right through to early summer is the optimal time to lay turf in Brisbane. Due to Brisbane’s long hot and very humid summers, we try to avoid laying turf at these times. If you have an irrigation system installed then the turf can be laid safely during the summer months. We will advise you at our initial consultation whether or not it is the best possible time.


We can supply and install a temporary automatic watering system at a minimal cost to you. If required we can also install a complete permanent automatic grass watering system. Please advise our consultant when they are onsite.

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